Do you understand the importance of your Contractor Business Google Listing? If not, it’s possible (even highly likely) you’re missing out on TONS of business. I’m talking business-changing / life-changing amounts of potential clients on the line here.

Allow me to paint this scenario:

So you’ve got this crazy-nice truck or trailer, it’s driving around town all day–all week while you bust it doing jobs for your clients. And you’ve done a damn good job on it, it’s painted, has your name, logo, and business phone number for all the town to see… A low-cost mobile billboard of sorts.

The first thing people do when they see a Contractor marketing like that?

They don’t pick up their phone and CALL you…they pick up their phone and GOOGLE you. Hence the importance of a kick-ass Contractor Business Google Listing.

Before you can get anyone on the phone–mano a mano–you gotta get earn their trust. And nowadays–trust comes in the form of tech. Everyone is a Google powered Private Eye, which is why…

Contractors & Construction Pros gotta have a website.

9 times outta 10…when I search for a Contractor or Construction company advertising with their work trailers, I’m genuinely interested in hiring them…

But 9 times outta 10…I’m driven away from that company when my Google Search Results bring up…like, nothing

Just some Yelp, BBB, and YellowPages links…

All the interest that was piqued from your totally kick-ass trailer marketing–it flops when I realize you don’t have a website or even proper Google listing, for that matter. This is true for any company in any industry…

Seriously. Put yourself in the mind of the buyer…you’re gonna scout a company’s website before you ever think of calling them up.

(I most certainly invite potential clients to do this before hiring me.)

We live in the Age of Tech. How often do you buy new tools without reading any reviews? How often do you get on Amazon and purchase something without scouting how many stars it has?

Exactly…we all do it.

So what’s a Contractor or Construction Pro supposed to do? How do you take that local, eyesight marketing and leverage it for way, wayy more online success?

Step 1: Get a Website

Step 2: Build a Killer Portfolio

Step 3: Drive More Traffic To Your Site

When we build you a site–here at Done For You Tech–we’re gonna help you claim your Contractor Business Google Listing. It’s that thing on Google we see and always TRUST. It tells us where a company’s located, what your phone number is, what your website it, and what your hours are.

It’s a CRITICAL part of your online marketing efforts… Like, super critical. So critical in fact, I want you to get it up and running TODAY.

In fact, if you get in touch with me right now (use the chat widget in the bottom right corner of, and tell me what you like about this blog post, I’ll help you do that part for FREE.

A Contractor Business Google Listing gives you INSTANT credibility in an online search.

Now, that’s definitely going to help you strut your stuff online, but there’s a step we haven’t covered yet–once you have a do you drive traffic to it?

That’s a bit more technical, but the very first action you have to take is to claim your Website Ownership through Google Search Console. Basically, it allows you to prove that you own your website–and doing this gets a ball rolling…

“The Search Console reports in Analytics provide information about the performance of your organic-search traffic.”

Google has these little robots that crawl across the web–think of them like mapmakers. Over time, the longer your website is LIVE, ONLINE–the easier it becomes for leads and customers to search for you.

These Robotic Mapmakers chart the landscape of the Contractor and Construction market–so that your ideal clients can easily find you.

…yeah, sounds kinda trippy.

And that’s because it is–unfortunately you have to know how to write (or edit) code to do this properly (and maximize all the different ways people type your website). So I already offered to help you with your Contractor Business Google Listing for free…because it makes the internet a MUCH better place.

And now–if you buy tech, web design, web development, or anything from DFYT in the future–reference this blog and we’ll handle the code-work for you to claim your Website Ownership online for FREE.

Use our website’s chat widget (bottom right) to claim your freebies…or just dial 316.749.TECH