Are you looking to have a more efficient construction business? Wait, let me rephrase that question: Are you looking to do a helluva lot LESS work. If so, it’s your lucky day! Because this is the post where I explain how having the right website and tech tools allows you to do just that.

When you own a solid-teched website for your Construction or Contractor business…it’s like the difference between hand sawing your lumber VS halving it on a table saw…

Maybe you prefer the precision, maybe you don’t have the right tools, maybe you just wanted to get a better workout that day…

Whatever the reason–ONE FACT REMAINS…

Hand tools will the job done, but the work will take a helluva lot longer to complete.

The same theory applies to having a website…or lack thereof.

You can have a Facebook Page, LinkedIn profile, Craigslist ad, or cellphone portfolio–and it might get you (almost) enough sales to turn a profit that month…but how long can a business survive without updated tools? Without faster turnarounds? Without investing into its future?

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Imagine if you could bring not only the right tools to every worksite…but the best tools, too.

Having a website goes far beyond simplifying what you do for customers…

With a (totally kickass) website–you’re immediately able to showcase your work–24/7, prove what you’re capable of (we’ve touched on that here), and you can finally begin to simplify some pretty BIG sales aspects of your Construction or Contractor Business. 

  • Instead of relying on word-of-mouth marketing…
  • Instead of cold-calling clients one-by-one-by-one…
  • Instead of throwing pennies into a Craigslist wishing well…
  • Instead of filming commercials most people fast-forward through nowadays…
  • Instead of making up an answer or quote on the spot (or forgetting what info you pitched)…

You can POWER through the sales process with a professional, elite website that explains:

  1. Exactly what you do.
  2. Exactly how you do it.
  3. Why you’re the best contractor for the job.

…without even having to open your mouth or go meet with a client.

When you have a website built, you acquire a HUGE toolbox packed with the power of modern marketing solutions, so that you can run a more efficient construction business.

From your own .com, you list everything you normally have to sit down and explain to clients…

  • Time Frames & Availability
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Services & Prices
  • Tools & Materials
  • Contact & Support
  • Testimonials & Portfolios

…and you’re able to focus on finding bigger construction contracts, contractor jobs you truly want to work on, and clients that are fun to work for.

Powerful Web Development simplifies your entire sales process, allows you to target bigger audiences, and enables you to do a helluva lot less selling and a LOT more building.

One of the coolest features of taking your brand and business online? You can setup online payment portals to make getting paid totally simple and pain free. I’m sure we’ve all had trouble collecting payments at times–make it easy on yourself…and your clients, too.

Why would you make any job harder on yourself? Why wouldn’t you try to save time, money, and energy? Why not put yourself in a position to sell more, build more, and make more?

Seriously dude, would you choose Craftsman- or Dollar General-grade tools?

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s time to stop walking past the table saw–stop trying to cut your way into a bigger market share by hand–and to stop ignoring the power of Tech Done Right.

If you want to get your Website Build underway TODAY, you can schedule a call with me by clicking right here, or just dial 316.749.TECH and I’ll answer (or call you right back :))–Andrew Ledell, Chief Geek–to talk to you personally about how we can start building you one helluva website at the most affordable rates on the web.

Stay tuned for the next post in our Contractor & Construction Series: WHY Builders & Geeks Who Cut Corners Wind Up Running in Circles…