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We’ve spent decades in the advertising industry, so you don’t have to.

What we do

We help local business owners, small business owners and startups compete with the “big boys” by leveraging the low costs and big impact of internet marketing.

These days, our specialty is running ads for our clients on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google. You can visit our current site at



The right people can’t buy from you if they aren’t seeing your message. We research them, target them and show them what you’ve got to offer. We’ve worked with 7-figure media budgets in the past, but are committed to helping smaller businesses and startups grow.


Every connection online is an opportunity to build on the next connection. If you’re not in control of your stats, you’re leaving money on the table—period. With all the right code in all the right places and up-to-date reporting, you’re in complete control. Sounds kinda boring, until you’re stacking paper.

Visual Branding

A great visual brand is essential to the success of any business. It’s more than just a logo, some specific fonts and your brand color palate. Our agency team brings the vibe on your social pages, ad images, website and more into perfect visual harmony.

our clients include:

neurosurgeon, oncologist, functional medicine MD, chiropractor, entrepreneur, attorney, nutritionist, real estate mogul, architect, corporate consultant, speaker, Olympic Gold Medal mindset coach, record label, author, business coach, pharmacist, custom home builder, remodeler, non-profit, furniture store, relationship coach, online store owner, infopreneur, writer, creative director, network marketer, dog walker / pet sitter, fitness guru, pipeline company, podcaster, software company, franchising consultant, spa / retreat owner, app developer, professional poet, lead generation company, interior designer

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how we’re different

Andrew Ledell, Chief Geek of Done For You Tech, has spent the past decade in marketing and advertising—including experience working with 7-figure media budgets in traditional media like TV and radio, and has dedicated the past 5+ years exclusively to the ever-evolving world of online marketing. Based on his experience working with both traditional and online media, Andrew knows better than anyone the unprecedented opportunity small business owners have to compete in online and emerging media. Simply put: it now takes a fraction of the same ad budget to reach exponentially more people and to make sure they’re the right people. We’ve built our entire team around leveraging this environment to build your business.

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What our
clients say:

  • Done For You Tech are geniuses at what they do. I contracted them to design/build a website. They did phenomenal work! Working with the team was a breeze. They were highly responsive and professional before, during, and after the project. I respect how they went above and beyond in even little things, which made a tremendous and lasting impact. Well worth it!

    Dr. Sam Kline Avatar Dr. Sam Kline
  • Quick, Cost Effective, and Beautiful Web Design! I am a marketing strategist and have sent numerous clients to Done for You Tech as well as worked with their company on my own website. It can be difficult to find an expert in the small business web design space that is reliable as well as talented and cost effective. Done for You Tech does all those things and more. I am super impressed with their level of design excellence, along with their ability to work seamlessly with clients, taking the time to explain each step of the way. Fantastic service, fantastic product....can't say enough good things. Look forward to working with these guys for a long time into the future!

    Kathleen Byars Avatar Kathleen Byars
  • Our company has worked with Done For You Tech for several years on various projects such as our website design & ongoing website updates, marketing banners, Lead Gen/Opt-in pages with complete satisfaction. Andrew is patient, thorough, responsive and reliable and a pleasure to work with. He is knowledgeable, strives to be current with the most efficient product to serve us better. Done For You Tech is cost efficient, for our small business needs. I highly recommend them.

    Jenenne Macklin Avatar Jenenne Macklin
  • Andrew really knows how to take your business to the next level. He helped develop a top of the line website for my construction business. His skill and knowledge in the field, along with his excellent design choice, made me confident I was getting the best!

    Kevin Griswold Avatar Kevin Griswold
  • Working with Andrew Ledell, and experiencing his website expertise has been the best, most empowering thing that’s ever happened to my business. He is brilliant, personable, insightful, and responsive to all my web and technical needs. He is focused and strives to find a solution for every web issue that I could imagine. The best thing is that Andrew is bi-lingual – he speaks both “geek” and he speaks “human”. He understands how to communicate with lay non-technical people like me, and he is also current with the highest level of technical expertise. I’ve never met anyone as dedicated, efficient, caring, and remarkable as Andrew Ledell. I highly recommend him to all my students, and clients, and everyone, as I have the highest level of trust that he will deliver exactly what you need.

    JoAnn Dahl Avatar JoAnn Dahl
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